☁︎ Marina Papazyan is an artist and writer living in Istanbul. They mostly write about the skin, monsters and eggs; edges, transitions and disguises. ☁︎ Lately, they have been interested in how monstrousness appears in gothic +/ pulp literature and cinema—searching for more embodied interpretations of the ghost: monsters and creatures whose stories evoke questions on health and sickness; misdiagnoses, pain and pleasure; dysphoria and envy. ☁︎ Currently, they work at Depo and co-run BAS, and were recently part of BAK’s Fellowship for Situated Practice 2021-22.


Trou de loup [Wolf hole]

video + installation, 2023
solo exhibition at 5533, Istanbul

Trou de loup

video, 2022
part of The Hauntologists at BAK, Utrecht

Dimitri’s Binder

prints, 2021
part of I heard it from the valleys at Haus N Athen, Athens
+ This Place at Yapı Kredi Kültür Sanat, Istanbul

Haemoglobins & Ants

video + installation, 2021
solo exhibition at poşe, Istanbul

Haemoglobins & Ants

video, 2021

Dear Inflamed Follicle, There is a Commemoration in My Skin

text + installation, 2019
part of flesh and bone at Operation Room, Istanbul

Letting Films Thing Themselves

installation, 2018


Kültür sığınağına yerleşmek
[Settling for the culture bunker]

text, 2023
in Sanat Dünyamız 192: Kesişimsellik ve Sanat [Intersectionality and Art]

the abduction of vocal cords

script for sound piece, 2022
in In Between Seances, Yen Noh

edible guts

poem, 2022
in On the Edge of Seeing, Sevil Tunaboylu

Bloody Shadows from Afar (a translation) ⤴︎

spread, 2022
in 06.2022-13-dergi

mâzîk ⤴︎

exhibition text, 2022
in mâzîk, Depo

Beyoğlu’nun yeni failleri ⤴︎
[The new perpetrators of Beyoğlu]

text, 2022
in 1+1 Express with Eda Hisarlıoğlu

Eşikte Vücut Bulmak: Canavarın Queer Etiği
[Embodied at the Threshold: The Queer Ethics of Monstrosity]

text, 2021
in Kaos GL 179: Zor Zamanlar [Difficult Times]


text, 2020
in On Celestial Bodies, Arter Background

Sweating Milk

poem, 2019
in Abstract Lies (Chapter 1)

b. 1996, Istanbul
marinapapazyan [at] windowslive [dot] com


2023   Trou de loup [Wolf hole], 5533, Istanbul
2021   Haemoglobins & Ants, poşe, Istanbul


2022   All Water Falls into Language, Kıraathane İstanbul Edebiyat Evi, Istanbul
2022   The Hauntologists, BAK, Utrecht
2021   I heard it from the valleys, Haus N Athen, Athens
2021   This Place, Yapı Kredi Kültür Sanat, Istanbul
2021   Finding a Cure in Istanbul, Karşı Sanat - Yaklaşım Tüneli, Istanbul
2019   Flesh and Bone, Operation Room, Istanbul


2023   Kültür sığınağına yerleşmek, in Sanat Dünyamız 192: Kesişimsellik ve Sanat
2022   the abduction of vocal cords, in In Between Seances, Yen Noh
2022   edible guts, in On the Edge of Seeing, Sevil Tunaboylu
2022   Bloody Shadows from Afar (a translation), in 06.2022-13-dergi
2022   mâzîk, in mâzîk, Depo
2022   Beyoğlu’nun yeni failleri, in 1+1 Express with Eda Hisarlıoğlu
2021   Eşikte Vücut Bulmak: Canavarın Queer Etiği, in Kaos GL 179
2021   minor-K, in On Celestial Bodies, Arter Background
2019   Culture & Arts pages throughout September-November in AGOS
2019   Scalp Itch, in border_less PAPER/MECMUA #1
2019   Sweating Milk, in Abstract Lies (Chapter 1)


09.21 – 06.22   BAK Fellowship for Situated Practice
10.18 – 06.19   Istanbul Biennial Production and Research Programme, Istanbul


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