solo exhibition at 5533
photo credit: Zeynep Fırat
poster design: Leyla Tonak


Marina Papazyan’s solo exhibition Trou de loup [Wolf hole] opens at 5533 on Saturday, June 3. Trou de loup is a text-based work about the various interpretations of lycanthropy, or “werewolfism.” It centers on the figure of mardagayl, described by Sabine Baring-Gould as “a female werewolf in Armenian folklore” in his The Book of Were-Wolves (1865).
The first chapter of Trou de loup is concerned with the werewolf’s skin. From the myth of Marsyas who was flayed by Apollo to Anzieu’s psychoanalytical theories about the skin-ego, it reflects on identity as something that may come “from without.” The second half of the text is on the issue of retaliation, both as narrative device and real-life threat. It is a dialogue of sorts –between myths, folktales and horror stories– to try and process the fear of retaliation and violence related to a second skin.
The exhibition will be open to visitors until June 26, Wednesday through Saturday, from 2 pm to 7 pm.
Opening: Saturday, June 3, 3-7 pm