series of installations with books, prints reproductions and objects

Hürriyet Yolunda, or On the Way to Freedom, borrows its name from the book with the same title published right after the 1960 military coup in Turkey. This publication served as a self-justification pamphlet for the coup, whereas the images employed by it were quite violent in nature.
Hürriyet Yolunda, was staged as a series of installations that attempted to read the implications of this material in terms of its use of images, techniques of reproduction and its relationship to historical time, linearity and agency.
Publications manipulated and reproduced in this process include: Hürriyet Yolunda (On the Way to Freedom, 1960), an inventory of Mesopotamian artefacts at the Istanbul Archeology Museum (1962), Yeni Bir Libya (A New Libya, Kenan Akın, 1977), Schatten uit Turkije (Treasures from Turkey, 1986), Türkçe Okuyup Almanca Konuşacaksın (Read in Turkish Speak in German, 1964) among others.